As Hamilton Anderson Associates reflects on its upcoming 25 year anniversary, the role of women becomes a significant stand-out. Within our design disciplines (architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design) 46% are women. In number, in leadership, in design, women have been composers in the firm’s narrative. Out of a desire to not only recognize, but to foster further womanly contribution, a luncheon was hosted by HAA to celebrate women in architecture and design.

On September 25, vibrant table settings were arranged with care in anticipation of the arrival of a diverse array of women to 1435 Randolph, who then connected and exchanged experiences with one another over a meal. This intimate event served as an initiator of exchange, orchestrating potential bonds between women rooted in design. Business ties were present, but stringent formality rested on the back-burner while personal stories were offered around the table. The topic of discussion was not initiated through a rolling list of resume-like qualifications, but rather, a simple question: “How did you get here?” The personhood of each woman in attendance was given attention, rather than her professional roles as designer, executive, etc. Each women was given the floor and asked to reveal something about her journey. Family, identity, passion, and positivity were common themes that emerged from this supportive environment.

Perhaps a growth in familiarity will lead to more friendly faces in the crowd.

Perhaps composed introductions will lead to mentorship for years to come.

Perhaps further open exchange will be fostered through the seeds planted on this pleasant afternoon.

One in a series, the curation of this event hopes to provide a platform for growth in communication among women of design.