Voltaggio Brothers Steak House

The Voltaggio Brothers Steak House is the first joint venture between the Voltaggio brothers, Michael and Brian. Through the design of the space, as well as the dishes offered at the restaurant, the brothers desired to convey the concept of coming home. HAA served as the architect of record for the space and worked with a team to create a venue which includes dining areas, private dining, restrooms, kitchen and back of house spaces.
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Architecture / 2017


The restaurant exists in two distinct spaces — a traditional steakhouse restaurant and an adjacent gastro lounge offering bar snacks in both approachable and progressive formats."

Voltaggio exists in two distinct spaces — a traditional steakhouse restaurant and a gastro lounge offering dishes that drew inspiration from the brothers’ home state of Maryland.

Both spaces offer unique cuisine interpreted through the diametrically opposite lenses of the Voltaggio Brothers.

Each dining space within the restaurant is themed for a different room of Michael and Bryan’s childhood home, offering nostalgic design details with a contemporary twist. With such a variety of spaces, great care was taken to find elements that could carry a unifying theme throughout, while still allowing each room to be unique in its own way.

The spaces are unified through the use of baseline colors and millwork profiles. The furniture selection, along with the built ins, were critical in creating the individualized spaces.

Central to the restaurant is the display kitchen, appropriately located in the room designated as the “eat-in kitchen.” Located off the retail promenade on the southwest corner of the property, Voltaggio features a wide glass wall façade with a brick print to hint at the famous brownstones. A trimmed out window floats within the glass façade — a complex achievement where the window actually feels heavier than the wall. The design allows more focus to occur on the window and the view into the space.

Two large doors frame the arrival to the restaurant, and great care was taken to make them without the obvious markings of an egress door. The curtain wall on the south edge of the space was treated to create a more residential feel while still allowing views out to the park located to the south of the property.


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