The staff at HAA is made up of dozens of talented and creative individuals. To highlight this, HAA had its first-ever Art Show to showcase the work our staff does outside of our office walls on Randolph Street. The Art Show kicked off with a gallery on Oct. 18, and afterward, the pieces were moved and installed on the walls around the office. Each week, the Art Show Series will highlight one artist and the work they submitted.

Piece No. 1: “As I Once Was. I Continue To Be.” (2012)

Piece No. 2: “Displaced Whispers of an Ocean.” (2012)

Piece No. 3: “Rodeo.” (2010)

Artistic inspiration 

The inspiration for Nicole’s work is often people. She is also inspired by studies of light and shadow and interaction with fabric and medium. Many of her pieces are portraits of people connected to those around her.


Nicole began drawing in preschool, and she knew she wanted to pursue an art career as she headed to college. This pursuit continued in the form of architecture, which opened more doors than it closed regarding artistic progression and the development of tools for exploration.

Favorite medium

A pencil has always been Nicole’s most beloved tool

Favorite artist

Nicole’s favorite artist/architect is Carlo Scarpa, who inspires her with his exquisite attention to both detail and the interaction of parts.

Nicole is a Design Professional at HAA.